Andrea Carter is the CEO and Visionary of Wealthy Woman Warrior™ and Success on Fire Academy™, global training programs for leadership and success.
Andrea is a dynamic and inspirational teacher who for the past 20 years, has combined her clinical expertise with a fusion of science, psychology, spirituality and mental training resulting in optimal success for Olympic Athletes, Fortune 500 executives, and highly influential women entrepreneurs and CEOs. Her programs literally transform dreams into realities.
She has been featured on well-respected media outlets including; ABC, CBS, Reuters, New York Business Journal, Market Watch and Fox News.
Andrea describes herself as an avid science geek, passionate spiritual explorer, and a zealous thought leader in leadership by discovering your super power for success. She’s a shameless romantic wife of nearly 20 years and a hard-core Momma of 2. She believes that the world is pleading for global transformation.
Andrea’s greater contribution is igniting the human spirit within so that individuals turn their dream businesses into reality, fulfill their greater purpose, and transform the world at large.