Consulting, Trading, Real Estate. Social Entrepreneur

I came to Canada from Kazakhstan in 2011, the former republic of Soviet Union. 

Like many of us, I chose Canada to provide better future for my children … I have 3
beautiful kids and utilize my skills and talents to be of best service to others.

My passion is growth and helping others grow. I love business, and love working with a variety of clients in creating wealth and prosperity, allowing people freedom — freedom to work, to save, to trade, to own property, to take entrepreneurial risks, knowing that they will be rewarded for their efforts.

My beliefs that our greatest assets are not the wealth we see around us, but in the potential which is unseen in the economy of the human mind. It is the minds and talents
of a free people — not their material resources — which is the source of all wealth. Sir Winston Churchill once said, “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Investment opportunities for Kazakhstan, Russian and CIS investors and entrepreneurs
  • Building “two-way” between Canada, Russia, and CIS
  • Think globally, act locally