Willing to Be Willing

Short-term goals may help you take the steps necessary to build a thriving business. However, as Robin Nobel demonstrates, it is steady, long-term action, a willingness to make changes, and maintaining a clear vision that can take you on a journey filled with ongoing celebration and a rewarding life.

When adversity strikes, you can either face your challenges with a positive attitude or succumb to defeat. Robin has learned a great deal about overcoming adversity who doesn’t let her challenges keep her from telling people about the magic of Wellness in mind and body.

Speaking topics:

  • How to turn Challenges into Positive Outcomes
  • Willing to Be Willing

“Whenever Robin encounters difficulties, she always looks within herself and makes sure that she has a positive mindset and mentality, and then she figures out how to overcome the challenge. Proud to start the journey with her” Svetlana Ratnikova IWB Founder

“Challenge yourself to live up to your remarkable potential, every day. Your life is worth every good thing you work to put into it” Robin Noble