Suzanne’s varied corporate and professional experience encompasses Corporate Health & Wellness, design and construction, and pharmaceutical/medical device sales. In pursuit of personal fulfilment, she left the corporate world. Her desire for creative expression has resulted in a thriving business as an artist for the past decade.

Her passion for health & wellness brought to her attention a group of products which she accredits to immensely assisting her mother’s health. Suzanne embraced the products and the Direct Marketing Company and has become a major Promoter. The company; Le-Vel the product THRIVETM. Her goal now is to bring the products and the Company to Canadians through her new company Canada Thrives.

With an adventurous nature, she could be found enjoying scuba diving, rugby, horses and motorcycles. That adventurous nature also resulted in her traveling to and residing in many places around North America as well as abroad. She was drawn to living in underprivileged neighborhoods where she discovered direct individual involvement in a community makes a great difference. Suzanne often found herself the sole advocate of neighborhood youth facing problems in school or needing help opening doors to greater opportunities.

Absolutely passionate about animal rescue, she understands that “saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal”.  In contrast, she truly believes that helping one person find their true happiness and realize their potential through “Paying It Forward/Giving in Action” could just change the entire world.