Hermine Mbondo
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“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching,” is probably one of Hermine Mbondo’s favourite quotes.

Cameroonian-born, French-raised, Canadian-adopted, world-traveller by addiction, and foodie by passion, Hermine is an enthusiast entrepreneur who is writing her story in her own unique way.

As a Brand Consultant, she brings a wide array of skills gained from diverse international work and volunteer experience.  She graduated from business school in France with a Master’s degree in Management, majoring in Consumer Marketing. Prior to focusing in brand management and digital marketing, Hermine started her career in Communications with industry leaders such as The Carrefour Group, managing some of the world’s largest global communications agencies. She developed expertise with cross-functional teams, project implementation, budgeting and implementing effective offline and online communication strategies. She then expanded her skills and horizons and acquired valuable trade marketing skills, working directly with buyers and managing sales reps in the US.

Her career took a new turn in 2017 when she fully embraced her inner self and created B4brand, a Toronto-based bilingual English/French marketing consulting agency.

“I love brands. I’m truly passionate about developing and executing strategies on a portfolio of brands to bring their stories to life across platforms, on and offline. As a child I wanted to become a writer then growing up, I contemplated a career as a reporter. I felt a reporter’s mission was to tell the untold, and journalism was my means to not only use my pen and write these stories but also capture them in images and show them to the world. I’m now a brand voice, a storyteller. Instead of writing novels with fictional characters, I create brands, envision their personalities and craft their stories to build trust and emotional connection with their target audience. It’s all about creating memorable, powerful and consistent communications across media and channels to engage, connect, relate and transform brands into a platform of active communities.

What’s your brand story? Let me help you tell it. Let’s connect.” – Hermine Mbondo


Instagram: @B4brand.ca

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/herminembondo/

Blog: www.pizzaforkandknife.com