"There is no other teacher but your own soul."

I’m Zak Lioutas a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Galactic Elder and Master Key Holder

Life hasn’t always been fair to me. I mean, I’m sure life hasn’t been fair to many people out there. At the ripe age of three, I was able to communicate with the spirit world.

I had a love, hate relationship with my gift until I started to serve myself with complete sense of self forgiveness and expanded awareness of my own life, so that I may guide others alongside the spirit world with complete confidence and knowing that when people listen to their universal guidance with complete faith the so called impossible becomes your magic.

I’ve gone through the trenches of the ego to the empowerment of the spirit, that  taught me great universal lessons and wisdom, changing my perception and learning how the universe really works for us. Even at times when we feel we can’t take it anymore.  

Cancer, depression, anger, guilt, resentment, hatred, loneliness, loveless, death, sex, drugs and alcohol all had control over me at one point in my life. Not only was it the darkest point of my life, but it was also a very enlightening moment as well. In darkness, I learned wisdom that empowered me, increased my confidence, self esteem, self awareness, brought forth ample amounts of self love and love for others regardless of the emotions I may had allowed them to cause me. It showed me who I was on the spiritual realm and what my new super powers are. I learned not to take things to heart or personally. I treated every thought, feeling, emotion as a lesson and guidance to my infinite happiness that I was seeking. I stayed focused on what made me thrive, not dive back into darkness.

Today, I guide women that are at a crossroads of their life and teach them how to heal from their past pain in order to start living their best authentic life. 

The teachings of love, and many emotions will guide you to your internal freedom.I teach women how to tap into their higher consciousness and connect with their spirit guides, as well as cheerlead and give them tough love when needed. When I followed everything spirit guided me to do regardless of how fearful I may have been, I did it knowing the universe doesn’t want to see me sad or empty on the inside. Taking those steps to shine light on a new journey will become uncomfortable until we make it comfortable once again.

“Since working with Zak  I’ve experienced waves of transformations instantly.
Zak’s lessons in looking inward to heal your own soul is powerful and liberating. I feel accountable and am constantly learning about myself and nurturing myself to start meeting my goals and life expectations.My growth is something I now have ownership of.I’ve successfully reached multiple goals within weeks of just working with her. 

Zak has an ability to let you see and become the reflection you want to see in your mirror of life. I’ve gained confidence in choosing to gift this journey to myself and see myself evolve and recognize my truth.The bonus to working with  Zak, is that she encouraged me to start my entrepreneurship.She guided and supported me through it all. My personal desire was about igniting a personal, spiritual, developmental and lifestyle renovation within me, for me and by ME with her guidance, honesty and support.”

Alex Diana, Entrepreneur/Educator Passport to Gluten Free

Regardless if it’s divorce, quitting your job, starting entrepreneurship, ready to leave the country, have a family, creating more financial abundance, finding happiness. “Zak’s guidance and spiritual teachings has helped me with releasing debilitating childhood trauma, mommy pleasing and daddy issues, a lack mindset, and never feeling good enough for anyone or myself. Being overwhelmed with guilt, shame, body image issues, a failing marriage, and looking to fill my emptiness with undesirable sex.

With Zak’s guidance and spiritual teachings, I now embrace life’s abundance and pleasures, by creating healthy boundaries and learning how to use my voice to speak my truth and stand in my power with compassion and love.”

  – Indi Wicks C.E.O of Zulah Imports and Joy Inspired

When following the guidance of your spiritual team only greatness comes out of life. Witnessing  women reach a constant pinnacle of their life brings great joy to me. There is no problem spirit can’t solve. The biggest issue becomes the ego, holding people back, a lack of self-trust, universal faith and self- belief needs to be worked on. Once you conquer the ego, everything flows in availability. 

“I never expected my life to change so drastically, in such a short period of time, by putting me first, my whole life changed around me!”

– Marrisha Williams

I have had the opportunity to co-author Dynamo Diaries, second edition , appeared as a guest on The Breakthrough with Brandon V,  Women Inspired TV with Linda Ugelow, Dynamo Show with James Erdt, The 5min Bark with Dennis J.Langlais, and more.I also co-create retreats with other like minded individuals that are in their complete genius zones in Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica and USA. 

 Are you ready? Let’s connect- Zak