Al mal tiempo, buena cara. ‘Put a good face to the bad times. Be positive’

I’m Martha Gleason Kenedi from beautiful Mexico, proud Mother of two children Ma Fernanda and Luis Manuel.

I would like to start with gratitude to Canada – amazing nation where we embrace diversity, speak more than 200 languages, a country of inspired people, great accomplishments and even greater promise.

From English teacher in Mexico to a business woman in Canada…

Looking back, it’s amazing how much I’ve learnt in just a short period of time. I have met so many great people so far and made such wonderful friends.

Now, I have the honour to represent my country Mexico, to bring Mexican products with natural ingredients to improve our health and to keep free our planet of the indiscriminate use of chemicals. 

These wonderful products will help Canada and our community to create jobs and help to support women while working shoulder to shoulder resulting in happy and successful women.

Although a great distance from here we are now working with girls from Mexico, is not easy but we encourage them to do it, to achieve their goals, to grow bigger. As women, hard workers we deserve happiness and successful lives.

We are always happy to support other women and communities to grow their business and lives.

I think that mindset is always playing a big part in anything that we do in life but within the business it is always crucial to have a positive outlook and mindset, especially because we are leading others serving clients. I also believe that the key factor in success comes from hard work and sacrifice.

Today with my husband’s advice, my daughter and I are working with all our energy and hearts to offer our beautiful Mexican products to Canadians… 4 amazing mascaras with natural ingredients.

Our company IMMI Natural Products now owns the distribution rights of IM Natural Mexico here in Canada.