Giulia Emanuela Storti was born in Milan. 

The field of theatre and stage photography was offered to her quite early: she grew up in a family of actors and directors, and because she discovered Pina Bausch’s theatre as a teenager it opened up new different perspectives for her: on how theatre, modern dance and music can be blended into a completely new vision. 

In 2013, She attended the three-year Bachelor’s program in Media Design and Multimedia Arts at NABA -Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti of Milan- where she followed with a specific interest the courses related to cinematography, video editing, screenplay from a practical and theoretical point of view. The thesis, titled Bewegung (motion – emotion), analyzes the body language in the theatre of Pina Bausch: it is composed by text and a video.
This allowed her to attend an intensive course in Cinematography at the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Rome.

What she studied in depth about Pina Bausch was somehow the prologue to her admission in the Accademia Teatro alla Scala in 2015. The Academy, which aims to train professionals able to move all around the field of historical documentation and multimedia/video installation, further trained her from a technical point of view, and, from time to time, gave her the opportunity to measure herself on complex scenic territories. Musical theatre and opera: that is, the most complete theatrical form: to listen, to interpret, to see. The orchestra, the conductor, the singers, the stage and the costumes. The rehearsals, the training of voices, the scenic “tricks”, the work of technicians, for a photographer is a challenge of sensitivity and attention: how to see and bring to life, in an image, a detail within that moving whole.

Once she got her diploma from the Academy, it brought her to work with a very good jazz musician from Milan, Marco Massa, in collaboration with the Tranquilo studio of Stefano Barzan with an extraordinary team. Now she lives in Toronto: where life is a daily stimulus for her and allows her to further specify her projects. 

<<What I want to do and be. In the end, and very directly, working as a photographer and in the “visual arts”. Specifically, in video and cinema

I see photography and videography as an artistic, vital, and professional way of expression, but without limits of category>>

In Toronto she worked for various events, and also in different Film Festivals as a photographer. She collaborates with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for various events and she also created a photographic book. 

She was part of the International Business and Management study program.

Moreover, she was the assistant of the Executive producer on a movie set, and now she collaborates with Immigrant Women in Business and she works in RTG as youtube content creator. 

<<I know that what I have chosen reflects me and it coincides with my visions of the world, those, in the first place, that I will be able to “capture” at the disposal of the world and myself. >>

‘Top-notch work –all talent!! She is fun, flexible, hard working with an amazing personality. Giulia is a very creative and responsible photographer, accountable and caring. It is evident in her photography that she is passionate about her vocation’ Svetlana Ratnikova,