Being a Member you become a force for good by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business, innovative approach, and an enriching, uplifting culture.

You become part of an inspiring enterprising community whose members bring value to one another by sharing their time, knowledge, passion, and network. 



Being a Founding Member you become an influencer in the community with the ability to increase your business through cross-cultural referrals, unique marketing initiatives, “Millennial” business models, helping individuals and organizations exceed performance goals while making a difference in the world.

For more information, see our Founding Members page.

What do you receive for being a member?

  • Participating & Speaking at IWB Events, Trainings, Seminars. Masterminds
  • Multicultural Media Exposure -TV, Podcasts & 100 K social media followers
  • Profile & Video on IWB Business Directory Online Platform
  • Access to IWB list for (2) mailings per year reaching 4,000+
  • Access to volunteers and interns from a wide variety of areas
  • Engagement in social entrepreneurship activities
  • 30 min Monthly Mentoring from Qualified Coach/Mentor
  • Participation in Mastermind once a month
  • Business Advice, Training, Analysis, Evaluation at every stage
  • Access to The Elite IWB Networking Evening monthly with over 70 guests, local female’s leaders from diverse and accomplished business backgrounds, including leaders of large, complex, global organizations.
  • Opportunity to partner, and learn from, one another and high-achievers
  • To collaborate with Canada’s diverse ethnocultural communities
  • Receive mentoring from highly experienced entrepreneurs
  • Ability to have a Display Booth at IWB events
  • Apply Modern Marketing 3.0 concepts & purpose-driven marketing initiatives
  • Enhance your brand by adding unique CSR
  • Deliver unique fundraising programs for Not-For-Profit Groups, Schools, Churches
  • Grant consultation to those who seek assistance in establishing grant funding for their program or projects
  • Demonstrate your leadership
  • Discount on quality immigration services (personal and business immigration)
  • Membership in “Perks Program” – Discount on items already using (Discount Mobile Access to volunteers and interns from a wide variety of areas
  • Website – Landing Page Creation $500

IWB is here to help with your new businesses wherever you are up to with your idea. For example, if you have a great idea but don’t know where to start, then talk to our team of experienced advisors who will discuss your idea with you in depth, on a one-to-one basis, to see if it is a viable business that could really succeed for you. Alternatively, if you have already made progress with your concept, but need specific help with the more technical areas, we can help with that too. Here are just some of the areas:

  • Explaining your unique business to the market
  • Defining how your business could be positioned
  • Developing your sales forecasts and financial plans

Business Training (currently available)

Our program is reviewed and updated regularly to keep in line with latest business trends

  • Planning for Success
  • Power of Negotiation
  • Go-Givers Sell More
  • New Marketing methods: purpose-driven, point of difference (POD)
  • Joint venture marketing
  • Understanding Tax
  • Building a Social Media Strategy: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram
  • Blockchains, digital currencies – applications
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Disruptive Innovation, New Business Models of the Future

Services (currently available)

  • Personal development: “Miracle Mindset”, “Your Life’s Purpose” “Think forward to Thrive”
  • Mentoring: “Zero Limits”, “Taking Responsibilities’, “No Excuses”
  • Health, well-being & community: “Strong is a new Pretty”, “Wellness Revolution”
  • Women’s advancement: “What or Who you know”, “Wealth and Happiness”
  • Inspirational stories
  • Save money while you save children and grow your business!
  • $38.70 of your $49.70 monthly membership cost is used to feed children in Canada. Feeding a child or children will give you unprecedented access to thousands and thousands of dollars of discounts from over 1,200 national brands and local businesses you trust through the Discount Mobile Application.
  • Get discounts on movies, cars, dinners, insurance, travel, florists, health clubs, mortgages and so much more. Through the Discount Mobile Application on your smartphone, you’ll have a single online access point that connects you within seconds to perks that allow you to save money on the products and services you want and need.
  • Users tell us they love this App!….
“The App is awesome! I was able to celebrate my birthday at Medieval Times for such a great discount! I use the 15% off at Jack Astors all the time, and I even went to a Raptors game! So fun!”  –  Jennifer
“I have saved more than $2000 so far on almost everything I purchase. From clothing, electronics, but especially FOOD!”  – Saaruja



IWB’s mission is to help members increase their business through an authentic referral program, unique marketing initiatives and improve the world through positive leadership, compassion and commitment to learning, growing and giving.

Enjoy the IWB: Connect with high-potential, like minded women. Seek out women push you to reach the next level. And, know that the IWB will be there for you, whatever you need.

Being successful means you have the confidence and courage to live your life. Take chances. Fail. Love and lose. Drive to win. Be bold; brave and ready for whatever is around the next corner.

Entrepreneur Start, Up & Scale & Social Entrepreneur :  $49.70/month  (Tax Receipt for $38.70)

In addition to providing you with the benefits listed, your membership feeds one Canadian child one nutritious meal per day for one month.

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Together we will...

Natasa Nastova Panova

"Create more oportunities Inspire People and create leaders”

Andrea Carter

"Teach people to create successful habits and help women to become more powerful”

Khady Ndoye

"Help each other, collaborate, Team Work!”

Nira Sharma

"Help people to care and lead with heart”