Wellness Summit & 3 profitable eCommerce business ideas – Networking.

January 30th. 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm Online Zoom

Sales – Marketing, lead generation and networking. Skills and strategies.

Jan 16th – 6:00 pm. – 7:30 pm. By Zoom

Jobs for Canadian Immigrants

November 21th. 2 pm 
Online Zoom

IWB Project shelter for women

December 18th. 4:00 – 5:00 pm Private Yonge and College Toronto, ON M5B 2R6

IWB Partner Contribution Grow Business with Immigrant Women

December 20th. – 5:00 pm. – 8:30 pm. 

Networking for Changemakers. Create social impact Today, Impact Investing         

Jan25th 12:00 pm. 

You are invited to join us our weekly events to experience inspirational leadership, resourcefulness and enthusiasm. All the events are open to both genders and all communities. 


Enjoy collaborative networking, meaningful conversation and support our Mission to provide guidance and education to wellness, empowering to lead health prevention strategies into our lives and into the healthy future of our families and the nation.

There will be plenty of Q&A time to get your specific questions answered. Submit your questions before the meetup to info@immigrantwomeninbusiness.com, come prepared to ask the panelists your questions on funding.


Building people, communities and organizations where everyone can belong, contribute and suceed.

Designed to Empower Woman

IWB is a non-profit social enterprise association.   IWB specializes in integrated multicultural joint ventures that help organizations, governments and private corporations engage and connect with Canada’s diverse ethno-cultural communities to build profile and brands. Our members are committed to improving the world through positive leadership, compassion and dedication to learning, growing and giving.

We Believe through a Giving Spirit we will foster the helping of Women to grow personally and professionally, and by Building Stronger Relationships and Providing Value to others we constantly strive to become better Role Models and overall Human Beings.

If you want the chance to do something good and to make a difference in people’s lives physically, financially and emotionally or even if you are just curious and want to network with awe-inspiring and determined immigrant females, explore the benefits of the Immigrant Women in Business community. For more information feel free to contact Svetlana Ratnikova at sratnikova@rtggtoupinc.com or keep an eye out for future events by this dynamic new organization helping to create positive waves for women in Canada.

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