WOMEN’s EMPOWERMENT, Social impact, Diversity, Equity & Entrepreneurship. November 25th.


Building people, communities and organizations where everyone can belong, contribute and suceed.

November 25th, 2022

5:00 pm to 9:30 pm

November 25th

Designed to Empower Woman

IWB is a non-profit social enterprise association.   IWB specializes in integrated multicultural joint ventures that help organizations, governments and private corporations engage and connect with Canada’s diverse ethno-cultural communities to build profile and brands. Our members are committed to improving the world through positive leadership, compassion and dedication to learning, growing and giving.

The EXCEPTIONAL Immigrant Woman Business Conference utilizes a RESULT-DRIVEN approach to give women in Canada the POWER to “UNLOCK” Key Components necessary to grow their businesses and professional careers.

Join us to celebrate women’s empowerment, share your glorifying uplifting stories, empower and inspire Toronto immigrants. This is the opportunity for you to network closely with some amazing business high-achievers, females thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, activists. (All Genders are Welcome).


Francis Garcia

Jennifer Anthony

Darine Benamara

Kim Singh

Naira Velumyan Naira Velumyan

Sibeso Kehinde

Peter Ratnikov

Kacy C

Iby Gyorgyjakab

Claudia Chan

Chitralekha Potnis

Annie Hardock

Jackeline Dixon

Stephen Clarke

Maria Carolina

Aditi Soni

Francine Mbvoumbo

Melissa Lantsman

Irina Jacobson

Zak Lioutas

IWB Mearci Beaucoup

Zaire Wanzambi

Alex Ihama

Natasha Feghali

Marian Balogun


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