Adriana Galvan

‘It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it’

Adriana Galvan is the founder and President of Grant Precise, a Fund Development Consulting Company.

Adriana has always had a desire to help non-profit organizations, charities, and small businesses, to grow their sustainability and accomplish their mission. Achieving her goal through innovative funding strategies; making our communities a more diverse and inclusive place to live, play and work.

She is a former immigrant from Mexico, with over 12 years of volunteering in the non-for-profit sector and has built a solid reputation, for professionalism, customer service, innovation, accountability. Together with a Business Administration Degree and several funding and grant writing courses.

She enjoys, travel and languages; English and Spanish speaking and currently learning French.

In 2019 Adriana decided to utilize her senior management skills and make her dream to serve the community a reality by creating Grant Precise, attracted by the meaningful impact, that her entrepreneurship will have in the community.