Watching her parents struggle financially to raise their family with 9 children, Annie knew, from a young age, that education and personal development was the key to financial freedom. It’s a lesson that’s served Annie well, and that she continues to pass on to others as an educator and entrepreneur.

Annie arrived in Canada from Hong Kong in 1980, and pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with her major in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. After successfully starting a systems consulting company serving the financial industry in the early-90s and a home-based online business in the mid-90s, Annie spearheaded a successful networking group in 1998 that is now in its second decade of existence.

In 2010, Annie’s drive also resulted in the birth of a mathematics-based child learning center. When the lockdowns from COVID-19 began in March 2020, Annie pivoted the learning center to an online virtual classroom. Her vision is to deliver high quality, affordable and accessible education to children around the world.

One of Annie’s passions is youth empowerment and operating in a virtual space has also given her company opportunities to work with universities and colleges on research projects and student placement programs, offering students much-needed, real-world experiences in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) and E-Learning fields. Annie also supports local youth employment with staff ranging from high school and university students to young adults.

Annie is a #1 Best Selling Author and Speaker. She has co-authored two books in the Women Who BossUp book series and she is passionate about women empowerment in business and in life. Annie has expanded her gift for networking to create the United Networks for Growth, connecting businesses all over the world. And this—this desire to help people realize their full potential—is the cohesive thread that runs through all of Annie's invariably successful ventures.

CEO, Uxbridge On-Line Inc. O/A Easy Math for Kids

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