Dishti Zaveri is a 20 year old Indian, brought up in Japan and currently making a living in Canada. At a young age she partnered with her mother on a start up. Through the start up, she was able to gather enough experience and success to build on her entrepreneurial skills which lead her to enrol into Schulich School of Business with a specialization in Marketing and Sales. 

She believes that hard work is the number one key to gaining success. By implementing this trait, she has excelled in creating a link between her personal and professional life. She found a way to incorporate her keen passion for beauty and fashion with her professional career in marketing by gaining experience interning at a fashion export house and a wholesale jewelry company. She is excited to expand her knowledge further on her personal interests as a career however, she believes that success is not success unless you share it with those in need. 

She is proficient in four languages and constantly attempts to better her language fluency by collaborating and connecting with people around the world. This makes her an outstandingly communicative person. She believes communicating with people is a key aspect to learning about yourself and growing as a person. Dishti Zaveri always says “the fundamental element for great communication is trusting the other person and making them feel a sense of understanding and belonging.” 

Dishti Zaveri has made it a point in life to always come across as a highly approachable and friendly individual who is open to assist any one one in need. She takes pride on her adaptive and receptive nature which she thanks her diverse childhood for. Since moving to Canada, she has developed a positive outlook on life which she hopes to continue throughout her life span