Kim is a relentless, resilience focus global leader that maximizes value and cultivates authentic lasting relationship. A true champion of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and an advocate for women’s empowerment. Focusing on driving systematic change to a systematic solution. She has her Master’s in Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, a degree in Business Management, Executive Coaching, and Neurolinguistics and recent graduates class of 2021 MBA.

One of her greatest strengths is being a people person, she has an unwavering passion and commitment to helping people see the art of possible, then work backward to deliver the best possible cookie-cutter solutions. She brings a different culture, purpose, and strategic thought leadership that is based on people and Clients First.

She is a player’s coach who is profoundly drawn to the unique journey, vision, mission, and philosophy that fuels organizations and have an unwavering commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, thus endeavor to develop a world-class power-house team through inspiring, nurturing, mentoring, coaching, and empower people to be fearless in exploring their limits, it is not the WHY but HOW.

Kim has to lead a global team ranging from 2 to greater than 2000, both solid and dotted with P&L, responsibilities from $250K to $640MM in large, medium, and small organizations globally.

A true leader in all faucet of life.

CORE STRENGTHS: Help organizations pivot and scale at speed Global Leader Executive Coaching and Mentoring White-glove Customer experiences, amplify operational excellence, a logical thinker with a P&L Focus Lead

Her Vision: To create the next generation of leaders to deliver a flawless customer-centric experience and promote self-education.

 Her Core Values:

·       Elevate and Empower Others.

·       Make a Difference.

·       Go Above + Beyond.

·       Be Awesome with An Abundance Mindset. 

Her Passion: Client-Centric & People Leadership.

Her Obsession: Helping my client & team see the art of possibility.

Her Energy: Drives impactful outcomes by being visible, vocal, and objective.