“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

Borned and raised in France, I practiced gymnastic for 5 years in a club when I was a kids. French athlete, known for strong sports addict such as weightlifting and Fitness. Athletic anatomy, people know me for my strong mentality, discipline and structure. I became a fitness expert trainer in Toronto and online by passion and education. Frustated to didn’t become a professional athlete I always wanted to teach women to empower them and educate them with the right mindset, training and nutrition. My expertise are bootcamp, crossfit, athlete training and nutrition advices for women. I taught over 100 womens in my industry with different goals, age and health issues. 10 years experience to be an athlete and 5 years to be a trainer. Master degree in Marketing and communication digital Bachelor Management Certified Personal trainer Certified weight loss coach balanced life. 

“I was enlightened by sensational presentation on Confidence by Myriam. She was able to awaken our inner awareness in an easy going atmosphere where we were able to comprehend. She has made real, positive impact. Thank you so much Myriam!” Naira Velumyan