With a background of MBA in Business Management, Vaidehi has worked with many leading &  flagship hotels in the hospitality industry in India, Hong Kong & Toronto at corporate level. Currently Self Employed. 

Founder & President at Global Sea Services Ltd. (India, Philippines & Canada).  Website: https://www.marinecatering.com/ 

Vaidehi has participated in Dance, Dramas & various sports during her school & college days. She  has learnt Bharatanatyam & Folk dancing & has won many awards & Gold Medals at Inter-college  level. Has performed at various Folk-Dance Festivals & charity shows in Salt Lake City (US),  Marseille, Nice (France), & London (UK) in 1989 with ASKARA Group (India) representing India.  


Vice Chair at Panorama India. (Canada) (2015 to Present) 

Actively participating in organizing the India Day Parade & Republic Day Celebrations which is  conducted in association with Consulate General of India – Toronto. Co-ordinates with various  organizations & state communities of India, in Toronto to bring them together on a common  platform to celebrate India Day & Republic Day. Coordinates with all the community leader to  compile the Grand Parade at Nathan Phillips Square. Keeps all the communities bonded together  as one family in GTA, encouraging their families to involve in various activities organized by  Consulate General of India, Toronto.  (Since 2014 to Present) https://panoramaindia.org/ 

Founder of Global Entertainment Toronto. 

Vaidehi has been actively involved in the North American Marathi community. Worked on  organizing events for kids, Seniors & cultural events like HaldiKunku that is celebrated during  Makar Sankranti every year & which is attended by 400 plus women from the GTA.  Marathi Community Executive Committee. MBM Toronto. (From 2014-2016) : Organized various  cultural & philanthropic activities & events for the Marathi community in the GTA.  

Coordinated the first Dindi (Marathi cultural Parade) in Grand Rapids Michigan during the BMM – International Marathi Convention in 2017. 

Founder of the first & the biggest Canadian Dhol Tasha Pathak in the Canada with 50 plus Dhol,  Tasha & Lezim players which participates & supports the India Day Parade at Nathan Phillips  Square during Indian Independence Day Celebrations. 

Vaidehi is also a President on the Board of Sawitri Theatre Group, which is an award winning not  for profit theatre organization based in Mississauga. Sawitri’s mission is to educate, inform,  entertain & heal through arts (specializing in theatre). Sawitri also engages in various mental  health programs & senior activities to keep the GTA seniors involved with the community  emphasizing on senior healthy living. As a President on the board of Sawitri, Vaidehi has been  involved in collecting food donations for organisations working on feeding the homeless & needy  in the GTA. https://www.sawitri.ca

A proud Sponsor of Maharashtra Float every year during India Day at Nathan Phillips Square.  (Since 2015 to present) which is organized by Panorama India & Consulate General of India – Toronto. The Maharashtra Float has won several awards securing the first place in the India Day  Parade in which the various state communities of India (in Toronto) participate representing their  states.  

Vaidehi has contributed to all the above community activities with the prime intention of giving  back to the community, working towards bonding all the Indian organisations in India on a  common platform to share & showcase their culture & heritage. Vaidehi also works on organising  several activities involving volunteers of all ages including second generations & people from  different communities to encourage harmony & to enable all individuals to learn from each other.  

Respecting all the individuals from different cultures & regions has also helped her learn about  various cultures, enhance teamwork & adapt to changing situations.  

Vaidehi believes in “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (World as one family) demonstrating the  importance of inclusive attitude to inculcate values that keeps people bonded & finds pleasure in  embracing diversity & giving back to the community in the form of serving humankind. Together  we can always rise & Shine! 

Encouraging everyone to involve in activities that help in mental & physical growth to support  healthy living which is not only preached but also practised by Vaidehi. Involving in community  activities is a way to give back to the community that has nurtured your living to stay grounded &  grateful for what life has offered.  

Despite all the odds during the Covid-19 pandemic, Vaidehi has successfully worked on organizing  virtual events to engage communities in several cultural & healthy living events, involving the  seniors in GTA to participate & stay connected with each other from the comfort of their home &  adhering to the Covid-19 rules & regulations by the government.  

Has also worked on a senior’s segment for the Republic Day & reaching out to seniors from all over  GTA to showcase their talents was indeed an honor & pleasure to work. Knowing that the seniors  need to also focus on their mental health besides their physical health was the motive of this event. 

Vaidehi is grateful for all the opportunities that have come along & given her a chance to work with  all the communities in the GTA. She values the relation & bonding that has nurtured during the  years, giving a chance to learn more each day from people around her to bring out the best in us.    


Contact details: 

Email: vaidehibhagat@gmail.com 

Email: vr@gsscanada.com 

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