Darine BenAmara
Gender Equality Specialist and Women’s Advocate.

Darine BenAmara is a gender equality specialist and an advocate for women’s rights, who has dedicated her career to supporting other women. Her passion led her to found EasyPoli, a consulting firm that engages with Canadian and global organizations from the private and public sectors to promote inclusion and achieve gender equality in the workplace.

For the past 7 years, she has been leading initiatives on social and economic empowerment, and political leadership of women in Africa, North America and the Caribbean. She provides advisory and technical guidance, particularly regarding the inclusion of gender equality perspectives in the formulation and implementation of policies, programs and multi-stakeholder projects. She conducts gender audits and contributes to the implementation of capacity building training in gender equality activities.

Darine has developed a strong expertise on women advocacy through hands on experience in business, government and civil society. She has a unique blend of international business and development experience as a former National Manager of UN Women Canada, Women’s Rights Officer with Crossroads International, Gender Development Advisor with the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce and Business Manager of Thione Niang Group.

Inspired by the many women she met, she created The Smart Woman, an initiative helping professional and businesswomen to overcome the challenges of networking and learn how to create smart connections to fulfill their career goals. She wrote her first book on Women Strategic Networking coming out later this year.

Through gender equality lenses she has written speeches for international speakers. She has also spoken before prominent audiences including The White House, UNESCO, UNDP, Social Good Summit Mashable, US Chamber of Commerce, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Bureau of Gender Affairs Jamaica, Give1Project, Oasis Centre des Femmes, etc.

Darine holds a BA in Business Administration from Montpellier Management School (France), a BA in Political Science from Montpellier Law School (France) and a Master degree in Applied Policy and International Relations from University of Sherbrooke (Canada). She speaks French and English.

Speaking Topics:

  • Women in leadership are helping companies thrive
  • A voice for women’s leadership
  • Women Smart Networking
  • Women in Canada. Creating a Change & Fearless Living