Your First Wealth is Health!

Dr. Grace Mankowski is a chemist , chiropractor, herbalist and has a degree in human biology. She has learned indigenous healing from several indigenous teachers and is a knowledge keeper. Through her over 20 year career, she has studied the effects of toxins on the human body and has designed 1000’s of custom detoxification programs and fertility programs for her patients. She is with us here  to describe the effects of toxicity on the human body, the sources of these toxins and what GMO’s are doing to peoples health in general.

Dr. Grace started her volunteer work at the age of fifteen, with the nuns who ran the private all girls’ school she went to. She found she loved working with disabled individuals early on. Currently she has helped many abused woman as well as Indigenous people. Her passion is to help those in need and those who are less fortunate regardless of race, religion or culture.

 Dr. Grace fully understands that each patient’s needs are different from one another. As a result, she embraces a customized and personal approach to healing and achieving optimal health and wellness. As a leading health expert, Dr. Grace practices natural medicine that is backed by evidence-based science.

Dr. Grace is constantly aware of the latest research in healthcare and clinical education, which is why she integrates up-to-date treatments and cutting-edge knowledge into her practice. When treating each patient, Dr. Grace specifically targets cellular malfunction; she combines diet, exercise and nutritional supplements with the following:

• Normalizing body acidity and gut microbiome
• Customized detoxification and longevity support
• Natural hormonal treatments (fertility, menopause and thyroid)

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“Grace is a very knowledgeable, passionate and humble chiropractor and herbalist. Dr. Grace looks not only at the problem, but the source and cause of the problem, getting her clients into good health. She is a credit to her profession and rises to any challenge with courage and conviction. A true healer in every way, her fortitude and purity of spirit is inspirational” Dara Clancy, MindSuite Metrics