Elena Paltseva

“ Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating.”

|Meet Elena Paltseva, a bookkeeper, real estate agent, and IWB founding member! Elena’s mission is to provide homeownership for those who in search of the perfect home, especially first-time homeowners, divorcees, and downsizers.

Elena holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Economics from Moscow, as well as a background in finance. Elena considers herself adept at starting over, having lived in various parts of the world.

Elena Immigrated to Canada in 2010 in order to provide a better future for her family. After getting a divorce, she realized she had to start over as she lacked financial stability. As a former owner of a tourist travel agency, Elena has a passion for client-based businesses and has always been interested in Real Estate. Her inquisitive nature, combined with her passion for client-centered business, drove her to pursue a career in real estate.

Elena not only assists people in finding their dream houses but she also maintains a positive attitude and infectious laughter throughout the process to keep people at ease. Elena’s passionate about inclusivity, justice, and women empowerment. As a

humanitarian, she has been assisting Ukrainian refugees in finding homes throughout their difficult journey.

Elena truly believes that support is crucial for people’s motivation and believes that it is crucial that everyone should understand financial literacy and the importance of investing.

Elena’s ambition is to leave a legacy, build wealth, and serve as a role model for her children, demonstrating that anything is possible.

Her main strengths are networking, connecting, profit generation, and being mathematically competent.