“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

There are no simple paths in life. The important thing is never to give up and go your own way. My life was never a bed of roses, but on the other hand, I have the impression that it actually was.

I was born in Hungary. It was a tough time in Hungary – the entire country was in economic, social and political crisis. There was often too little to make a living …I knew from the beginning that if I wanted more, I needed to organise it for myself. I started working as a child – helping my parents with weeding people’s gardens, collecting tomatoes and berries. That was my way to pay for the “American bubble gum” which was only available in the special stores with foreign goods.

I studied in the capital, and I worked for a living. I was ready to do anything and worked as a hostess, gave private lessons, sold insurance and learned. 

I was taught personal responsibility and diligence from an early age. Those winning habits I brought to Canada where to day though hard work and enormous challenges as immigrant, I run two businesses and love every minute of it, especially freedom aspect of things.

I am often asked what the secret of my success is. You are probably curious too…

I take responsibility for myself every day – for my successes and for my failures. I take care of my business partners, often putting their success ahead of my own. I’m happy as a child with every little victory: the first Facebook post, the first product sold, LOI clicked, new customer registered, etc. Even now, the hard work never stops, but for me, it is worth it.

I don’t judge people. I think everyone can earn success, and get a chance to reach the goals they set themselves with hard work and dedication – no matter where they come from, what gender they are, their age, their education and experience. We are all different, but equal! I see every day how their lives change for the better, how they develop self-esteem, how they start to believe they are allowed to dream, then start to have them and make them come true!!! It makes me strong in this business and makes me hungry for more and more and my vision is really huge.