Even though I was a shy girl growing up in the Caribbean, one thing remained consistent – I always wanted to help and motivate those around me. So to most I am known simply as “CJ” – the Tobago-Born yogi and lover of bright colours with a knack for finding the positive in just about any situation that I encounter. After graduating from university with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Chemistry, I later went on to obtain my Certificate in Solution-Focused Therapy when I realized that I would much rather focus on solutions than problems. I entered the workforce to ultimately become a People Manager where I coached my team on their personal growth and professional development. With my support, I witnessed each person confidently apply their newly-discovered skills to take on more challenging roles in their careers, but they celebrated their success and advancement more-so because of the balance they maintained in their personal lives. The more I celebrate their growth, something clicked for me and I left the corporate world and returned to school to start my own transition to becoming a Certified Life Skills Coach. It was during this time – when I realized the importance of working through closure and obstacles to gain clarity on the personal side, in order to identify the appropriate mode of goal-setting and design a customized plan for success on the professional side – that I decided to specialize in Transition Coaching.

My services include:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching with specially designed programs
  • Private Group accountability coaching
  • Accelerated 1-session coaching
  • Life-Skills Workshops 
  • Motivational Speaking


“Christen James is a Gift of Contagious Positivity” S. Ratnikova