“Positive actions create a chain reaction reaching far across the Universe. One Life touches another Life, who touches another Life. Be the Good, leave a Legacy.”

When working with women, Danisha Allen believes that simplifying financial concepts is as important as the recommendations she make. You deserve to be understood, informed and in control of your finances! 

She understand that women face overlapping priorities such as paying for children’s education, caring for elderly parents or passing a family business and wealth on to the next generation. Everyone’s family situation is unique, and that’s where she can help. She evaluates your situation comprehensively and personalize your investment strategy to help balance your many needs at once.

Danisha have developed a passion for helping individuals who are navigating severance packages through work, divorce settlements and inheritances. A heart of empathy and the ability to objectively manage change has served her well in caring for women experiencing these life events.

Danisha was born and raised in Jamaica, where she learned the value of hard work, focus and discipline. She moved to Canada in 2009 with dreams of impacting her community through leadership and knowlege of finance. She is a wife and a mother of two adorable boys, Jordan and Joshua

When she is not at the office, enjoys sharing her knowledge, staying physically active and Face-Timing my sister in Jamaica.

Topics I can discuss

  • The Nuts and Bolts of stock
  • Retirement outlook for women
  • 5 Money questions women should ask
  • Bring balance to your budget
  • Foundations of investing
  • Preparing for the unexpected..life insurance
  • Retirement has changed what´s your next move

Danisha Allen, MBA

Financial Advisor – Edward Jones

420 Essa Rd. Barrie ON L4N 9J7

705.728. 4500