Emma Kaufman
Strategize • Transform • Influence
Process Excellence and Change Management Consultant

Helping people get what they want is my passion. Finding the path of least resistance is my motivator.

I orchestrate change for people to get the results they want in life and in business by developing and implementing strategies that define practical options, map out the route with the fewest bumps, bring together the right resources, and deliver desired results.

Change looks different for everyone. There’s no cookie-cutter solution. As a strategist, I ask the right questions, offer different perspectives, develop solutions, and support clients to re-landscape their environment, and see possibilities they may not know exist.

I inspire and work with people and organizations to set goals, apply their talents and capabilities, and continuously improve to reach their full potential.

I approach change holistically, through customized, viable, sustainable solutions for leveraging staff and promote personal and corporate effectiveness.

An outcomes-focused leader, I promote the importance of employee engagement, collaboration, and motivation to build strong, diverse teams who contribute to the development and implementation of continuously evolving programs, systems and organizations.

Website: http://www.thinklongterm.ca

Specialties. Speaking Topics: 

  • Innovative strategies and solutions
  • Leading & managing change
  • Organizational effectiveness and business transformation
  • Building highly motivated and productive dream teams
  • Results Coaching: personal, lifestyle, career, business