‘Helping others is the way we help ourselves’

Gila Yefet immigrated to Canada from Israel at the age of 12. She is an Advertising Sales Executive at Ethnic Channels Group and has been a host of her TV show on the Israeli channel for the past ten years. Gila is a pillar of our community; she is a Mediator, a legal support worker and a founder of “Women of Courage and Strength” – a support group for abused women.

She is a motivational speaker and a life coach and is currently writing her first book. Her contribution spreads unto many different fields as she passionately dedicated her life to helping those in need.

Speaking Topics Include:

 Ready to get to work 
 No excuses.
 Ownership of Our Choices
 Taking risks – for happiness and success!

Her Book: “The Conscious Choices” for those that are seeking a journey of self-improvement and self-healing. It’s a story of a woman, who endured many traumatic events, such as domestic abuse, a juvenile delinquent son, uncurable illnesses; self-blame consumed her and defined her. As the excruciating pain took over her life, she realised that she was the only one who had the power of choice to heal herself.  She found the courage to discover her inner strength and started the journey to healing her soul.