“Dream big, start small, but most of all, start.”

Iby is a hydration specialist and Certified Enagic® Trainer. She is on a global mission to assist thousands of people, families and businesses to improve their lives and improve their business returns with the world’s most nutritious water: Kangen water. Iby is educating the public on how to improve their immune system by detoxifying their body on a cellular level. Kangen water is negatively charged and is the strongest known antioxidant on the planet. Have you heard of the “Dirty Dozen”? Many vegetables and fruits bring more pesticides to our diet than nutrients. Kangen water can help with your everyday cooking needs, as it does reduce the toxins and improves the absorption of our food’s nutrients, effectively improving your family’s health. In addition, Iby can teach you how to reduce your household’s chemical footprint while creating the clean environment your family and guests will compliment you on. Iby can also show you how you can increase your involvement in saving our planet by reducing the plastic pollution.

Call Iby to learn about how you can make a difference in improving your health and lifestyle.

Iby’s Seminars/Talks:

  • Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking High Quality Water  
  • Effective action for disease prevention
  • Wellness, Energy and Productivity
  • Change Your Water Improve Your Life  

“Change, serve, and find new opportunities.’ That is how Iby leads.. But it could be any of us leaders anywhere: We all have to demonstrate a deep understanding of how to be a leader and to live a full, balanced life. Iby is a thoughtful, courageous, and authentic leader. As wise, practical, and inspiring as any I have ever seen’ Svetlana Ratnikova