“When everyone is included, everyone wins”

Transformational Coach, Speaker, Consultant – Diversity & Inclusion
“Transforming yourself into your Best Self”

Joy always believed that one person can make a difference and her personal and professional life has been about exhibiting that ideal.

Joy grew up in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and immigrated to Canada at age 19.  With the help of key difference makers, She was able to achieve success in a culturally challenging setting.

Success meant learning to navigate complex work environments, attracting and retaining highly motivated, passionate, results-driven, team–oriented individuals, while creating inclusive, caring cultures that gave each individual a sense of purpose and belonging.

Joy now applies these proven leadership principles across North America helping individuals and organizations achieve their aspirational goals.

Joy’s Vision is to move and change things “in a big way” by inspiring others to perform the extraordinary, creating shared visions and goals,  fostering participation in decision making processes,  providing intellectual stimulation and engaging diverse communities and building partnerships to achieve social change.

She offers transformational coaching, educational programs on personal development, social change, providing customized trainings to Individuals, Corporate organizations and Government institutions.

Joy is a dynamic Speaker and Thought Leader known for her ability to transcend limiting beliefs, she uses several techniques that fuse science, Intuitive Intelligence and personal development. Her Transformational Process – Intuitive Intelligence is changing the way coaches and speakers connect with their audiences and transform lives and heal trauma through this new healing modality.

Speaking Topics:

•           How to Reprogram Your Brain and Change Your Consciousness so You can Manifest Anything

•           Park Your Brain. Engage Your Soul

•           How Heart Intelligence Can Change the Way You Think and Innovate

  My Corporate Workshops: 

Her Equity and Inclusion workshops are a blended-learning curriculum that empowers women and men leaders with the critical knowledge and skills they need to build more inclusive workplaces, manage diverse teams, and serve diverse clients and customers. In each interactive workshop, learners examine their own assumptions and bias; understand behaviors; and practice skills through engaging activities, insightful case studies, and practical self-assessment. Emerging leaders, line leaders, directors, and managers will gain a clear understanding of what it means to lead for equity and inclusion and why it’s essential in today’s global marketplace.