‘Life is meaningless unless you help others’

Kate ’s passion was always to help people. And only when she arrived in Canada, her dream started to become a reality.

It took few years of cleaning jobs and working a cashier in a supermarket, later working in the corporate world before she went to college to get a diploma to be able to work in the rehabilitation clinic and really start helping people. At the same time, she was earning her Thai Massage Certificate. And in 2012 Kate left the corporate world and became a sole entrepreneur assisting the people to get better with Thai Massage. Kate never stops improving and later became a Reiki Master. Still, something was missing in the puzzle. And, in 2016 Kate joined Young Living Essential Oils Company, which perfectly aligned with her mission of inspiring and helping people to live a happier and healthier life. And she started teaching her clients different types of meditation techniques to help enhance self-awareness.

Kate knows that stress itself is a positive thing. And by learning from the stress, we can reach a higher level of health, emotional wellbeing and success. Also, introducing toxin free plant-based products to your environment can support your life and health.

Kate believes it is important for distributors to keep their vision and values for the future clearly in sight as they build their businesses and win over customers. Today, with years of experience, she is pleased that so many of her business partners continue to grow and are making their lives full of meaning and value. Kate enjoys what she calls ultimate ease and happiness. She believes those with a strong belief system and who do the “right things” will have productivity, and will give their team a definite direction. She also feels that consistently taking steps toward your goals and putting proven leadership skills into play will produce positive results at crucial moments. After years of building a successful Young Living business and meeting so many people, Kate knows that success requires respecting everyone you meet and continue pursuing your dream. 

Speaking Topics

  • how to control your emotions today and release the past to see your way for manifesting your true highest potential
  • help you and your family stay relaxed and healthy by reducing toxic chemicals in your life and homes

You can always contact me and we start thinking together how to improve your life and health. http://katehealthyliving.com/