Diversity and inclusion, which are the real grounds for creativity, must remain at the center of what we do…

Keda Edwards Pierre is an intuitive life and business coach, thought leader, motivational speaker and founder of True II Soul Network, a collective of professional members and community members that are devoted to recovery, healing and transformation challenging the status quo around trauma.

As a retired Black female police officer, Keda has developed a practical approach to trauma recovery and diversity – all rolled into one. CEO & Founder of True II Soul Network, Keda’s created a customisable and comprehensive online space for professionals to provide services in trauma recovery, diversity and inclusion and resiliency development. True II Soul is also an inclusive online community and sanctuary for individuals seeking support. As an adult survivor of childhood physical and sexual trauma and a Certified Life and Business Coach, Keda lives the message of powerfully authentic living, healing and success that is of benefit to so many people.

Keda’s healing journey coupled with her diverse training and professional history is the driving force behind her mission, which is two-fold – to revolutionise the way we perceive and react to trauma and to create safe and inclusive spaces for this work. Keda drew from her extensive experience in personal and professional development, in holistic health, policing, teaching, and as a Usui/ Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher and Ordained Minister, to create True II Soul Network – an invitation-only Professional Network and diverse Community that provides a sanctuary where authenticity is encouraged, passion is the norm, and pragmatic strategies share space with creative innovation.

Keda walks the talk of powerful healing and living the life we desire. Retired by her mid-forties, Keda is now a Forbes Contributor, international speaker and thought leader. She is a businesswoman and visionary, who shares uncanny insights, |useful tools and empowering guidance. Keda captivates, connects and engages her audiences by sharing her real-life experiences, personal stories and engaging anecdotes. Infusing projects and speaking engagements with authentic and vibrant energy, she ignites and inspires audiences around the world.

Over the last thirty years, Keda has become entrenched in countless community endeavours – which give expression to her commitment to social justice and equity. Her full immersion into life helps her appreciate the importance of health to a balanced and successful life. Keda’s proud to have raised three healthy children with the love of her life and is now thoroughly enjoying her second wind through business and passion projects. It’s through Keda’s tri-factor of extensive professional experience, in-depth personal development, and her extensive support network that developed her fundamental philosophy: The Nexus of Success.

Developed a decade ago, Keda’s Nexus of Success philosophy supports trauma recovery, resiliency training, personal healing and professional development. The Nexus of Success incorporates the elements of culture, structure and nurturing. This philosophy is how Keda accomplishes her life goals and how she teaches others.

Alongside running True II Soul, Keda is also an actor – a passion that was sparked as she played Fay Lillman in a high school theatrical production of Flowers of Algernon. Though she went on to pursue a 27-year career as a Toronto police officer, Keda’s love for acting never left her. She realised that, in addition to her life experiences, her advanced police training in firearms, driving, defensive tactics, investigations contributed significantly to the vibrancy and authenticity of her methodology, and roles translating beautifully into the acting world.

“Keda is whip smart and is one of the most brilliant and authentic entrepreneurs Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious. She’s up to big things and definitely using her difference to make a difference in the world.” Svetlana Ratnikova