‘If your dream only includes you, it’s too small’

An Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Director of a Cosmetology School and Design Television ! Member Conservative Party, Canada, Member Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce.

Born and raised in Lucknow, India, Micky’s passion had always been to teach. She believes that there’s no better feeling than to share your knowledge and experiences that can ignite the imagination and shape the character and future of an individual. As they say, one child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world; and that’s exactly what drove Micky through her youth and still drives her now. She completed her Bachelors of Education at a young age and has been lighting the people around her ever since. Fast forwarding to more of her work and projects in recent years, Currently a Director/Owner at Design 8000 Beauty Academy Over the past 30 years the company has participated and achieved high levels in many events across Canada and the globe, including Miss India Worldwide, Miss Canada Globe National Pagent, Miss Mundo Latina International beauty pagent, Winner of Top 50 GTA Entrepreneur Award, Toronto Hair & Beauty Award 2018, Consumer Choice Award,JunCtion Community Award, Proud to be a part of Air Canada uniform unveiling event . She continues to dream big & achieve higher positions in the global scale. She owns a company, Design Television, where she broadcast events taking place in the community & across the globe as a community service . She looks at the world with a broader perspective always remembering that sky is never the limit, your mind is

Speaking Topics:

  • You can have it all. Just not all at once
  • Don’t let anyone work harder than you do