‘A disciplined mind leads to happiness’

A Female Leader is an orderly mind and an inner work to build one’s own life.

To be a leader is to find your unique way to happiness, to learn:

  • overcome mental crises
  • resolve intrapersonal conflicts
  • Set the right goals
  • make an accurate choice
  • make informed decisions
  • hear the voice of your intuition
  • build healthy relationships in the family and society
  • plan and spend your energy

I have private practice since 2002, providing one-on-one, family and group counselling. Having PhD in Psychology, I am a certified specialist in Analytical Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Family System Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Therapy. I also possess the method of Psycho-analytic Dream Interpretation and Movie Therapy. My approach is based on integrative combination of treatment options and depends on your needs and goals.

The focus of my work stands on the principles that:

  • All people are different, and every person is unique thus extremely precious
  • A person is not the same as his behavior which could be forced/learned/implanted
  • A person’s life story is formed by nonlinear cause and effect relationships
  • Each person has unlimited potential for his development and change
  • There are barriers in each person that stop or hinder the realization of this potential

I am an author of progressive group attending programs designed for adults and youth «Family’s hidden heritage: beliefs and messages», «Being stuck, fears and negative thinking», «To love and be beloved, art of relationship».