Serial Entrepreneur I Author I Public Speaker I Mentor I Storyteller I Congressional Award Recipient
“Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way”

Award winner, is a philanthropist at heart

Olu sets the bar high for herself. “No matter where I am or how far I get, there’s another level I can achieve,” she says. The Nigerian-born business professional, community activist and author already has a list of accolades to her name at only 29 years old, including being awarded …s

Olu credits her Christian upbringing for instilling her strong community values. As a child, she watched her mother work hard to give back to the community. “She does so much for so many people and not expecting anything back in return,” Olu says of the woman who inspired her to become an activist.

Olu’s desire to help others led her to pursue business career in social entrepreneurship

Empowering young women

Olu  is passionate about empowering young women and helping them to find their voice. She is a motivational speaker and author. Her books, touche upon topics of body image and encourages women to challenge the assumptions they make about what defines them. 

Giving back to her community

Using her voice to give back to the community has always been first and foremost for Olu. This past Mother’s Day she hosted a community drive, filling baskets with beauty, skin care and feminine hygiene products, presenting them to single mothers living in a local shelter. She also spoke with the mothers about their plans for the future.

Speaking Topics

  • Breaking through limitations 
  • Discovering Passion and Purpose
  • How power of positivity can create great impact on your LIFE….simple techniques to harness it in daily life.
  • Transforming Trauma Into Triumph
  • How Positive Psychology Transforms People and Organizations  

“Oluneye has a fantastic personality and is very easy to work with. She is a great collaborator, and her insights have been integral for many of our successes. She completes her work with dedication and creativity!”