IWB Hamilton Chapter, President

‘Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune’

Helena is an immigrant from Portugal. As an immigrant, she went through and overcame culture shock, language barriers, had to work at many entry-level jobs to make ends and came to share solidarity with the immigrants who suffer with various problems on personal, social, and spiritual levels as an immigrant.

This experience taught her spectacular lessons how to the face of adversity, helped her to build a character of tenacity, and now she uses those values to encourage those around her.

Today Helena Ferreira, Founder and CEO of PT Advocates. She started this business after working in the managing political campaigns in Ontario, where she found her passion as a wealth advisor. In 2009, Helena was recruited by a financial services company. She saw this as a chance to do what she loves and be her own boss and since then she has been running her own Business Consulting Service Company.

Helena’s passion has always been about helping people understand and win with money. She loves inspiring action, coaching disciplined strategies and empowering others to pursue abundance in all aspects of their lives. Today, her dream to serve her community and become a financial adviser has turned into so much more.

Her mission in life is to educate families and helping them build a financial plan that works. She is committed to investing money properly, getting others debt free and be financially free!!

Helena’s Products/Services:
 Wealth Planning & Investment Services
 Retirement Income & Distribution Planning
 Tax Reduction Planning
 Family Wealth Planning
 Educational Events & Communication

Helena’s Speaking Topics:
 Meet challenges and turn them into opportunities
 Attract and develop talent that anticipates changing needs

“Helena is a dedicated hard working professional, who provides excellent customer service in a highly personable energetic style. An intelligent “out of the box” thinker, she is not merely a thorough consumate professional – she is charming and excels at developing good relations with clients. I don’t know anyone who does not like her immensely on first sight!” – John R. Dolbec

“I’ve had the opportunity to watch Helena in action- she is engaging, interactive and high energy! She shares a passion for life and the work that she does to bring teams together in a positive space. She is a great mentor and a great person who is always willing to support her colleagues and friends” – Assiatou Diallo CEO, TAAB Cleaning Inc.