“Your greatest strength lies in lifting others up"

I’m Inga Tkachenko, deeply immersed in the field of personal injuries, with over 14 years of dedicated experience. I’m an entrepreneur on a mission to support individuals who have suffered from personal injuries.

My journey began when I arrived in Canada from Ukraine at the age of 16, entirely on my own, setting me on a path of learning and growth. I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a background in psychology and management studies.

A personal car accident experience ignited my passion for understanding the personal injury claims system from the inside, with the goal of providing the best support to those affected by accidents. In collaboration with my two business partners, I am the proud owner of Prime Health Care, a multidisciplinary center located in Mississauga. My journey started at this facility as a front desk assistant, originally driven by the goal of securing my PR documents. Under my leadership and tireless teamwork, our multidisciplinary facility has been featured in the news, marking a significant milestone as we’ve served over 10,000 people and celebrated two decades of unwavering commitment to our clients.

Throughout my career, I have become well-versed in the complexities of personal injury, working closely with various medical centers and assessment centers across Ontario, as well as top personal injury lawyers in the province.

I am also a mother of three and family is at the core of my values. I am honoured to be a founding member of the IWB organization, which aims to support the multicultural diversity of individuals on their journey towards empowerment and fulfilling their goals.

I’ve built my reputation and my business through networking and cultivating relationships, embodying viewless leadership that’s committed to learning, growing, and giving. In addition to supporting individuals struggling with personal injuries and the psychological issues stemming from them, my passion also lies in providing support to newcomers from Ukraine and other countries, leveraging my knowledge, expertise, and connections, and making myself available as a friend to those who have come here to start their lives anew.