My name is Jenny Kalimbet, and I am an immigrant from Ukraine that came to Canada to build my life 15 years ago.

I have always wanted to work with people and therefore graduated from York University with bachelor’s degrees in Humanities (2012) and Psychology (2015). Taking into consideration that shelter is one of the most important needs, I choose to become a realtor to help people with finding a place to live.

With the surge of the properties’ prices for the past several years, the affordability of the houses along with the homelessness were the issues that kept me awake at night.

Therefore, as soon as my younger son became one year old, I have decided to go back to school and educate myself about the ways the Canadian Government works and means of getting involved in the improvement of Canadian Peoples lives. I have graduated from the Humber College Postgraduate Public Administration program in 2021.

The introduction of faulty policies that negatively affected Canadian families to be able to buy homes, pushed me further. And in 2021, I have decided to run for Federal Elections as a Conservative Candidate to be able to make a change and secure the future of Canadians.

I am also actively involved with the Yellow brick house, the organisation that helps women and children to flee from Domestic Violence. As I believe that there is no place like a safe home!”

Jenny Kalimbet
Constituency Advisor
Office of MPP Kinga Surma
Cell: 647-929-8027