Lurline Henriques, a born again Christian immigrated to Canada from Jamaica at the age of 21 with $800 in search of more opportunities.

She has put herself through school while raising three professional daughters, building a great career with the Federal government and battling cancer at the same time.

Today she has successfully built a seven figure real estate portfolio, coached and mentored immigrants to great potential; some have owned their own homes when they thought it was impossible, some have acquired investment properties and some have acquired multiple streams of income.

Lurline is the Award Winning Author of the first real estate investment book that was written in the English Language specific to immigrants “7 Figure Retirement” and is a Bestselling author of “The Secret to Wealth”, a book she co-authored with the legend Brian Tracy and other world known authors.

Lurline is the No.1 Real Estate Investment Strategist for Immigrants.  She mentors, coaches and conducts workshops in real estate investing the successful way.  She will  program your mind for success.

Speaking Topics:

  • Real Estate Investments Strategist for Immigrants.”7 Figure Retirement”
  • Women & Money
  • Tax Benefits of real estate investing
  • Lead with love and by example

“Amazing person, really wants to do good, great real estate mentor and a role model with admiring Millionaire Real Estate Mindset” Lyudmila Bezpala-Brown, LL.M., MBA