‘You won’t make the positive impact without taking risks’

Lusia Malik is a remarkable woman who believes in living to the fullest every moment and taking others with her. She is a natural soldier who excels in the training and discipline, who believes in taking no shortcuts to success. Always driven to help people and lays the foundation for a better future in her community. 

Her passion is helping others and beliefs; that by combining hard work, innovation, integrity and servant leadership, truly magical results are destined to happen and along the way, millions of lives positively impacted.

Lusia was born in Uzbekistan. Her mother was a doctor, her father was killed when she was 10 years old. In 1991 her family moved to Ukraine. In 1997 immigrated to Israel, where she finished the school. Free from school time she always worked cleaning or bakery jobs.

Right after graduating high school, she served in the Israel Military Forces, then started working in the army with heavily injured invalids of the war with no arms or legs, blinded after the explosions, fully burnt, deaf, coma recovered. The lessons Lusia learned about life from the army, she carries with her every day in the real world for success.

2007 came to Canada, knew no one. It took a couple of months of cleaning jobs before she could settle as the clinic receptionist, shortly after becoming a manager. At the same time, worked in a beauty salon and took customers at home …worked 3 jobs literally around the clock.

In 2012 opened a medical clinic, built it up and in 2017 decided to take a chance on her dream – to open up her own optical shop. Her bigger vision is to expand by opening a few more locations and then offering a franchise model so others can open their own C U Optical.

Lusia knows what it takes to lead and take responsibility for personal and team success. She knows how crucial effective communication is to the success of any plan and how critical it is for leaders to be agile in their decision making and how important resilience is in both the planning and implementation phases of an operation.

What can your challenges teach you? Where can they lead you?
It takes someone special to be inspired by the hard times.
It takes a leader.

Speaking Topics

•           Be an engaged leader: Love your subordinates like you love your own children
•           Be a mentor: Be accessible, actively listen, and truly care
•           Disciplined and effective mantra for success 

 “Lusia is a natural leader with a strong work ethic and incredible resource to her partners. She takes pride in setting goals and pursuing them. She is a business oriented yet socially conscious.” Stephen A.. Clarke