Posted by on November 19, 2017

Dr. Mandana Attarzadeh is the Founder of the Flourishing Women’s Circle . She is an Author, speaker and women’s empowerment coach, a non-profit leader and social justice advocate.

Born and raised in Iran, Mandana immigrated to Canada in July 2006. Driven by her passion for social justice and her desire to address the root causes of ill health, Mandana, initially trained as a medical doctor, deliberately gave up on her medical career in Iran and embarked in a journey that brought her to a new career in Community Development and helping women.

In her community development work, Mandana has been instrumental in starting numerous community building initiatives. She has also supported advocacy work for Health care and Neighbourhood Safety. She has coordinated networks and has sat on non-profit boards. Mandana has mentored dozens of residents of diverse neighbourhoods in the city of Toronto, who face multiple barriers to prosperity and well-being to take leadership and engage in action to improve their neighbourhood and their living condition. Through her community development work, Mandana has brought thousands of people together and has touched lives of hundreds of youth, seniors and children through supporting resident led programming.  Her leadership development work has been featured several times in Toronto Star and other media and conferences.  

Mandana has gone through many life challenges, including a painful divorce, financial challenges, mental health challenges and health issues. Going through these struggles, Mandana, determined to recover and grow, not only learned how to master life challenges, but also developed enormous degree of resiliency and strength and experienced a gigantic shift in her identity as a woman. She not only was able to achieve tremendous personal growth and a high level of satisfaction and fulfillment but also was able to move forward in her career, Love her body for the first time in her life , to find new love in her life and to fulfill her dream of being a successful entrepreneur and a women’s empowerment coach.

It has since become her new passion to help other women to experience the same strength  and satisfaction in their lives, to enjoy living life to their fullest potential and to build the life of their dreams, a journey that Mandana describes as “Flourishing”. Coming to realization that how important it is to “Flourish” as a woman; to be fully alive, beautiful, powerful, passionate and nurturing and to change your world and the world outside to a more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious place, Mandana found her life mission to help women to “Flourish”.

This inspired her to start her upcoming book” The FLOURISHING WOMAN: Live a life of Passion, Purpose and Beauty “.Her book inspires women to “Flourish” and to reach to a higher level in their being as a woman.

This vision has inspired Mandana to found her very much loved group, “The Flourishing Women’s Circle”. A group for passionate and driven women who wants to achieve their highest potential, build the life of their dreams and form a sisterhood that contribute to the goodness for humanity.

Mandana believes that the “The Flourishing Woman” is a precious human asset that can transform the world to a whole new level of vibration for love, care and happiness. She believes the gift of these women will be more beauty, peace and harmony to  themselves, their families and to a world that is torn apart by violence, war and conflict. Mandana strongly believes that women can change the world to a more beautiful and peaceful place if world invest on them to “Flourish”.

Mandana’s next dream is to create subsidized transitional housing for women in transition, to help them maintain a descent living space which is conducive to their “Flourishing Process” while going through life challenges.