Marian Balogun

“I believe the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century.”

In addition to being a marketing communications professional, Marian Balogun is also an entrepreneur, an author, a lover of books and movies, and an enthusiastic person in general. She loves good conversations, a good sense of humor, and sharing her opinions with others. She holds a degree in mass communications from Lead City University, Ibadan Nigeria. Also, she graduated from Durham College in Canada with a degree in Project Management and Advertising: Digital Media Management.

Her first memoir, The Different Faces of Narcissism, is Marian’s attempt to share her experiences with readers. She believes that recognizing narcissistic traits early can save you from falling into their trap. Identifying the red flags in front of you can help you avoid getting entangled in them.

Marian is driven by empathy to support others, regardless of whether they need it on a professional or personal level. As a means of helping others and not letting the horrific ordeal she endured deter her, she has written this self help book. See more details about the book on her website –