Melane Mullings is a cancer survivor, successful entrepreneur, former registered nurse, business management consultant and now author. A self-described ‘Venture Catalyst’, Melane catalyzes the  reaction that turns seemingly simple, esoteric business ideas – born out of passion and purpose – into ventures that experience combustible success!

Melane’s cancer journey provided her a deep understanding of the foundations of success which she extrapolated to her first entrepreneurial venture in the healthcare recruiting space. Thirteen years after establishing and operating her nursing recruitment firm, Melane successfully sold her company, and is now sharing her unconventional strategies to success in her book: Lemonade!

Squeeze Your Challenging Life Experiences Into a Successful Business (release date: spring 2022), and through her Business Management Consulting practice, Aere Management Consulting.

Her consultancy grants her the opportunity to help struggling entrepreneurs and business owners achieve purpose-driven, impactful, sustainable success, and through her book, her readers gain a deeper understanding of her three-pronged approach to success in business. Melane is passionate about helping others unearth their purpose, and empowers her audiences with key strategies they can practically implement to earn more, work less and unlock the truly abundant life.

Driven by her passion for the media industry, writing and public speaking, she took a leap of faith and crossed the Atlantic Ocean –  moving to Canada excited at the prospects of new adventures and opportunities. Shortly after her arrival, Rajaa started as a journalist for a French newspaper le Métropilitain, and then worked in a non-profit French organisation La Passerelle-I.D.É.  Here, she was heavily involved in diverse projects to help French newcomers establish successfully in Canada. As a newcomer herself, she understood their journey and their needs.

Always striving for personal growth, Rajaa was looking for answers from life, and wondered why some people live their life with love and power, while others struggle and never seem to have enough? She started to question herself and the system that so many take for granted.  Through self-exploration, she realized the truth to her inspiration, Jim Rhon’s, words: “For things to change, you have to change!”  It all made sense.  That moment turned her life around, and she decided then to enter in a new venture in the realm of entrepreneurship and personal growth, and since then, she has never looked back.

Rajaa rapidly embraced the learning process of self- growth by changing her mindset, by stretching her thinking, by discovering new avenues for herself, and by changing her circle of association. Along the way, she had the opportunity to be mentored by successful self-made billionaire and multimillionaires Mr. Ed Mercer and Mr. Mathieu Ambroise – two successful businessmen, and embraced their mindset and knowledge.

This journey helped Rajaa find her purpose, and transformed her into a leader who creates leaders.  She seeks to lead and uplift, inspire and empower, and show people their deeply rooted greatness in everything she does.

Over the years, Rajaa has helped countless people to find their true-self, both professionally and personally. She has four online companies, ranging from skin care, to luxury fashion wear, to technology and energy, to accommodation and, finally, to Public Relations and Personal Development.  Rajaa now aims to help others foster better relationships and help people to attain freedom through their network.