‘Take charge of your mental well-being to maximize sustainable business success!’

Mercy is the founder and Director of Veneka therapy, an organization which provides mental health and trauma therapy to individuals, marginalized communities, and business owners, so that they can elevate their mental wellness, live fulfilling lives, and lead impactful and successful businesses. Her organization serves people in Ontario (virtual), Alberta and British Colombia. Mercy is a Registered Clinical Social Worker (AB) and Certified Trauma Professional. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of Social Work and has experience working with individuals struggling with domestic violence, homelessness, and health challenges such as stroke and cancer. Mercy has been instrumental in working with complex mental health challenges with first responders and rural Indigenous communities. She holds a Master’s degree is in Clinical Social Work from the University of Calgary (2016).

As a wife, mother, immigrant and business owner, Mercy is no stranger to pain, challenges, hard work, and break throughs. She is passionate about supporting others to enhance their mental wellness so that they can show up fully in life and in business.