How to Become Healthy, Feel and Look Your Best, Without Fad Diets or Restricting Food

Neelima is a chef, food stylist and a food consultant by profession. Since the age of eighteen, she has lived twenty five years abroad – in Europe, Central Asia & North America (Canada), where she taught cooking & successfully ran a catering business.

Four years ago, when she moved back to India, she heard about SHARAN through a friend. She attended a seminar by Dr Nandita Shah and that’s when she decided to make lifestyle changes and to focus on right and clean eating. Neelima never ever imagined that food can be scrumptious even without the oil. She started to see positive changes in herself. She was sleeping better, her hair fall stopped and she also started losing weight.

Today she actually feels much more energetic than before. Neelima also helped her husband to lose weight and bring down his cholesterol. They both practice yoga and go to the gym for strength training. She now strongly believes that food is one’s medicine, and teaches healthy cooking for SHARAN.

As Neelima says, “A recipe has no soul. It is the cook who must breathe life into it”