“ Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating.”

Rafiat is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is a Restorative Faith Coach, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and host of Follow Your First Mind Podcast.

Rafiat is intuitive, fearless, and wise, stretching individuals to take inspired action to create the life they never knew they could have through understanding their identity, intuition, impact and influence. Rafiat leverages her unique filled lessons to serve individuals who are on their pathways to self discovery and healing from burnout and suffering from poor mental health experiences that are hindering their life’s fullest expression.

Rafiat had suffered from poor mental health for several years as she lived with high functioning depression. After many challenges, Rafiat lost her self-identity which ultimately led her to discover her purpose and who she is. She hosts a podcast called “Follow Your First Mind” in which she gave advice on how to improve one’s life by drawing lessons from one’s experiences. She sought coaching assistance which lead to this inspired podcast and the launch her present company, “Rafiat Ahmed Coaching,” where she teaches clients how to trust their first minds.

Rafiat’s passions consists of faith, leadership, and especially teaching young people how to become powerful leaders.

Rafiat’s goal is to be the fullest expression of who she is while helping people reach their full potential. Rafiat considers following her passions and creating her own businesses to be her biggest accomplishments. Moreover, she prides herself in helping other people with their journey and tries to inspire people by sharing her positive and optimistic ideology. She emphasizes that everyone must own their own story.

Her main strengths consist of her energy, communication skills, persuasive skills, and leadership skills.

If you are seeking to step into the fullness of who you are and living a life filled with peace and confidence, Rafiat is your girl.