Susan Henry

“All around the world, women are ‘mighties’, willing to make their world a better place to live. Let’s support them!”

Susan Henry has over 10 years experience in the micro-finance arena, both at the Calmeadow Metrofund and with Alterna Savings, an Ontario credit union. She has managed the Alterna Savings Community Micro Loan Program for the past six years, servicing over 373 individuals and granting more than $1 million in loans to entrepreneurs who would otherwise not receive financing for their small businesses. At Alterna Savings she also spearheaded the creation of a Networking Café to help members network and expand their business skills.

Speaking regularly on financing for small business to potential entrepreneurs at many GTA-based organizations (YMCA, Toronto Business Development Centre among others), she addresses over 1000 potential small business owners each year. Most recently she spoke to budding young entrepreneurs at the Youth Economic Opportunities Forum in Toronto.

Susan is a member of the Riverdale Loan Committee of the Access Riverdale Community Loan Fund. She is a founding member of the Canadian Community Investment Network, a national organization, which was recently formed to strengthen the social economy in Canada.