Thai Nguyen

‘Immigrants are the Backbone of Canadian Prosperity’

As a Vietnamese immigrant, Thai personally experienced the benefits of the Canadian immigration system, that allowed him and his family to have a life they could only dream of, after the ravages of the Vietnam war. He witnessed the struggles his parents had to face while working on multiple general labor jobs in order to establish their new family life in Canada, despite being educated. This experience has shaped his core values and given him his life mission of not only helping immigrants, but giving back to Canada, the country which he, personally, his family and the many immigrants, owe so much. 

Thai grew up being very close to his mother and his two sisters. He has therefore a deep respect and understanding of women.

Currently, he is the Director of Hire Train Retain (HTR). A staffing firm specializes in providing employers with skilled professionals from overseas. Fulfilling his mission of helping immigrants with good employments and settling them in developed economies. Which in turn contribute to the growth of the respective country and society.

With conviction , drive and passion, Thai will bring these qualities to IWB!