‘Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later’

Yelena has been in the Ostrich Industry since 2010. Her Farm Ostrich Land Ontario processes and distributes all products of the ostrich. Omega sells all its oil to Pure 100% Ostrich Oil & Ostrich Land Ontario Body Care product line, another subsidiary company of Ostrich Land Ontario – this is a specialized skin care line  helping many skin conditions and over all good skin cell health. Yelena also partnered with pet company dedicated to ostrich pet products including food, pet treats and health products. 2020 is a very exciting year for Ostrich Land Ontario definitely making a strong presence in the ostrich industry and world markets.

Self-made entrepreneur Ba Yelena Anikeyeva can be an inspiration to us all. What started out as a farm project at turned into a hard-earned career in the world of farming with incubating, hatching, raising of chicks, breeder care, product manufacturing and distribution, consistently producing quality products (meat, oil, hides, eggs and feathers). Yelena’s advice? Have courage and try new things…

Speaking Topics:

  • Absolute Advantage in Farming and Entrepreneurship:
  • How to start a farm in Ontario
  • Benefits of Canadian Export

“Yelena is a dedicated hard working professional, who provides excellent customer service in a highly personable energetic style. An intelligent “out of the box” thinker, she is not merely a thorough consumate proffessional – she is charming and excels at developing good relations with clients” Shirin Ariff,, Founder: Be Your Own North Star Movement  https://shirinariff.com/