Posted by on April 11, 2020

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed it must be achieved

Sibeso  Kehinde is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Vlogger whose ambitious nature, compassion, and tenacity have earned her the reputation as a thought leader. Above all else, she is a visionary who strives to turn her aspirations into reality through her unwavering tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit. One of the highlights of her career was closing a 1.2 million dollar business contract while working as a direct sales agent for a multinational bank in Zambia.

With a diverse professional background spanning nearly a decade, Sibeso possesses the  international trade, finance, and economics expertise to make the greatest possible impact. Ultimately, her sights are set on cultivating an innate understanding of Africa’s inner economic workings, from growth and stability, to poverty. 

When it comes to aspiring entrepreneurs, this advocate of success is on a mission to help them build a thriving business as an Online Business Mentor and the Founder of Peniel Global General Consulting. She also has a weekly vlog called Tea with Sibeso that arms viewers with tried-and-true tips to empower them on their entrepreneurial journeys. In addition to her unwavering passion and extensive professional experience, Sibeso  Kehinde obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in  Finance and International Business from the University of Manitoba and a Certificate in Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution. She also serves as a Founding Member of Immigrant Women in Business.